Create Miranda’s Signature Look

Create Miranda’s Signature Look

Christy Coleman is an expert makeup artist and friend to Miranda. The pair has worked on many exciting projects together, from Victoria’s Secret Runway parades to a recent Louis Vuitton shoot. Yet it’s Miranda’s signature glow, rosy cheeks, and freshly-kissed-lips look that she’s asked to recreate each time.

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Christy has kindly detailed our founder’s “iconic look,” for you to impress a hot date this Valentine’s Day!

Miranda’s classic look is workable both on-set and for every day. Whether it’s any of the fashion houses, Miranda is booked for her look. I try and keep her skin very dewy, and her makeup pretty straightforward. Miranda has an iconic look so it is important not to “stray” away from what’s she’s known for: radiant skin, rosy cheeks and matching lips, and a defined brow.

If the job is more of an editorial with a “certain look” we are both always happy to play; she is easily transformable which makes her one of my favorite models to work with.




On Miranda, I like to accentuate and focus on the following:


I prep Miranda with a mist, massage, and oil routine—the Noni Glow Face Oil is great for this. Prepping is a necessity as it awakens the skin and decreases any puffiness, especially when she travels a lot. This routine works on all of us girls and guys!


I first start with a light foundation and blend, before applying her concealer (only where you need it) for a dewy, fresh look. Try Tint Skin in Linen by Beautycounter.



She has lovely rosy cheeks! I love to use a little cream blush, pressing the blush on the apple of the cheeks to accentuate her healthy glow.




I try and use a nice bronzy shade in the crease and the outer edge and mascara to finish the look off.


She has a great brow arch, so I only need to add a little pencil to enhance and define.





I always try and give Miranda a freshly-kissed look—I can recommend the Sheer Lipstick in Rose by Beautycounter.

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Christy Coleman is a make-up artist and expert with over thirty years of experience in the beauty industry. She’s worked with a myriad of famous faces and has worked alongside Miranda for many years. She has a true interest in skincare and cosmetics, opting for the very best when it comes to natural products and tools, in the name of well-being for her clients. Christy lives in Venice, California, with her dog, Rider Pearl.

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