Create An Inner Beauty Routine With EFT

Create An Inner Beauty Routine With EFT

Updated on 24th December 2023 at 4:56 pm

Mind body love starts from the inside.

EFT is a beautiful self-soothing tool that fits in perfectly with our self-care routines to help tap positivity into our day and activate our inner subtle energies systems—known as our meridians.

Here is a quick EFT script for those seeing only flaws, using one of my favorite affirmations from Miranda’s Empower Yourself Cards.

Tapping on the ‘meaty’ part on the side of the hand while saying out loud…

“Even though my inner critic is only seeing my skin flaws and blemishes, and this makes me feel (add your own words on how this may make you feel), I deeply and completely love and accept myself as I am.”

Repeat while tapping aloud x 3.

Now quickly tapping gently with pointer finger and middle finger while saying the following out loud…

Start of the Eyebrow (EB) 

“My body works tirelessly to protect me.”

Repeat aloud 3 times while tapping EB.

Side of the Eye (SE)

“My body works tirelessly to protect me.” 

(x 3)

(UE) Under the Eye

“I nourish my body by making healthy choices.” x 3

Under the Nose (UN) 

“I support my body with goodness.” x 3

Under the Chin (CH)

“I support my body with love.” 

(x 3)

Collar Bone (CB)

“I support my body with love and respect it deserves.”

(x 3)

Under the Arm (AU)

“I support my body with love and respect it deserves.”

(x 3)

Top of the Head (TH)

My body works tirelessly to protect me, I nourish it by making healthy choices and I support it with the goodness, love and respect it deserves.” x 3

Do as many rounds as you may need, once you finish take 3 big inhalations through the nose and out the mouth.

Love Starts from Within & You are Amazing.

With much love,

Hayley at Hrt @hrtyourspace

*Image Source: Pinterest via my Practitioner Training Manual.

Hayley is the owner and facilitator of hrt. your space & hrt. kids yoga “The Loveliest Little Clinic of Calm” located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Hayley is a Certified 370hr Yoga & Meditation Teacher – Yin Therapy, an Ayurveda Specialist, as well as an Eft (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Reiki Practitioner. 

She also specialises in Applied Kinesiology and is a student in Mental Health.

@hrt_kidsyoga & @hrtyourspace

Hayley Kelly

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