Amy Shea

Amy Shea

Amy Shea is a Kundalini yoga student, teacher, meditative healer, and transition coach. She also offers strategic talent guidance to nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies with a focus on social good. Amy lives in the Ojai valley where she finds joy in spending her days sharing yoga, hiking the local trails, and cooking up healing, comfort foods.

She has been practicing various types of yoga for years, discovered Kundalini in 2007, and began teaching in 2008. She teaches Kundalini, Prenatal (The Khalsa Way), Mommy & Me, and is also certified in Light Leaders and Y.O.G.A. for Youth.

Amy brings her love and wisdom of teaching and coaching to offer heart-opening and peaceful experiences that will help connect and heal the body, mind, and soul and allow you to discover your authentic self. She guides students along the journey into self-discovery, the open and loving heart, and the connection to humanity. She brings a calm and nurturing manner to her classes and offers a space for all to feel safe and have fun. Known for her peaceful and heart-opening approach, she has shared Kundalini Yoga with the masses as a frequent contributor to wellness brands.

Amy has a deep respect for the beauty of pregnancy and childbirth and is devoted to sharing the gifts of The Khalsa Way to support mothers-to-be on their journey to motherhood. Also, she believes yoga and meditation are extremely beneficial in the development of children’s education, physical fitness, and social awareness. In years past, Amy and a team lead an annual event, One World Peace Day, full of yoga, mediation, dancing and activities to help teens explore their individuality, understand their own power, voice, and influence on one another and the world.