Chamomile in Spirit by Holly Star

Chamomile in Spirit by Holly Star

The flowers of Chamomile are a beauty, and delicate to the eye. Chamomile mostly known as a relaxing herb and a great cup of tea for calming the body and mind. The plant comes from the Sunflower family which in flower essences holds the key to light and expression of self. Chamomile has an uplifting effect and helps with the heart. It can guide your heart away from sorrow as well as anxiety. This is a great balancer between masculine and feminine energies. Also filled with many nutrients that can help with the nervous system such as Vitamin A, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. Holding the flower in your hands, even if in a cup of tea and ask the spirit of the plant to bring the heart into balance and to create a more positive outlook on your life. by Holly Star | @hollystarhealing KORA Organics products that contain Chamomile: Recovery Eye Gel Cream Exfoliating Cream Cream Cleanser Soothing Day and Night Cream Hydrating Day and Night Cream Purifying Day and Night Cream Tinted Day Cream Daily Hand Cream Age-Defying AHA Facial Exfoliator

3 thoughts on “Chamomile in Spirit by Holly Star

  1. Stepeet

    Your quality of life is largely dictated by one factor: your physical health And when it comes to building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we all know that eating right and working out are more or less the keys.

  2. Van

    Chamomile is truly a lovely flower. However, only the One who created the flower can answer your prayers and meet your deepest heart needs. If you whisper a prayer to God, in the name of Jesus, you will open the door to the life you were meant to live.


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