Body Beauty Treatments At Home

Body Beauty Treatments At Home

Updated on 21st May 2022 at 5:53 am

We can often forget about the skin that falls below our neckline, it may not be as delicate or as exposed to the elements, but it should still be shown some tender loving care, given it covers the majority of our body. 

Here are 5 quick, easy and effective body treatments to give your body that spa-like pampering in the comfort of your own home.

1. Invigorating Body Scrub

Get ready to buff away all that dry skin and have the smoothest, softest skin with these three steps for an invigorating body scrub.

  1. Dampen skin and apply the Body Exfoliator from top to toe, using gentle, circular motions to buff away dead skin cells
  2. After you’ve hoped out of the shower and while skin is still slightly damp, massage in the Noni Glow Body Oil
  3. Then apply the Enriched Body Lotion to double down on hydration and lock in all the moisture

Tip: Regular body exfoliation can help rid dry skin, avoid clogged pores and prevent ingrown hairs.

Miranda Kerr with KORA Organics Body Exfoliator on shoulder

2. Smooth and Brightening Hand Treatment

Our hands are the first to show the signs of aging. Look after this delicate area with regular hand treatments to keep your skin young and fresh.

  1. Apply the Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask to back of hands. Using small circular motions, exfoliate skin.
  2. Wash with warm water
  3. Pat dry
  4. Apply Noni Glow Sleeping Mask for 20 minutes
  5. Wash off and apply Daily Hand Cream, taking a few minutes to massage into the skin

Tip: If you’re experiencing pigmentation on your hands or body, try applying our Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum, Turmeric 2-in-1 Mask or Noni Night AHA Resurfacing Serum on pigmentation areas.

Miranda Kerr Turmeric Mask Back of Hands Treatment
Miranda Kerr applying KORA Organics Noni Glow Sleeping Mask to back of hands

3. Happy Feet Foot Mask

We all like silky smooth feet and now it’s time to put your feet up and give them some attention. Try this deeply nourishing foot treatment to hydrate and rejuvenate your feet.

  1. Prepare a large bowl/basin with warm water and add 1 pump of KORA Organics Noni Glow Body Oil
  2. Soak feet in warm water for 5 minutes. Soaking your feet can help make the next step of exfoliation easier
  3. Apply the Body Exfoliator and massage in as a foot scrub
  4. Soak feet for a further 5 minutes and rinse off product
  5. Remove feet from water, place on a towel and pat dry
  6. Apply the Noni Glow Body Balm or alternatively you can use a few drops of the Noni Glow Body Oil mixed with the Enriched Body Lotion to feet
  7. Then apply a light layer of the Noni Glow Sleeping Mask
  8. Wear cotton socks to lock the moisture in

Tip: You can also apply the Noni Night AHA Resurfacing Serum to feet at night for a quick exfoliation treatment. Make sure to let it dry before hoping into bed.

Miranda Kerr applying KORA Organics organic Body Balm to feet

4. Relaxing Body Massage

Nothing feels more relaxing than a full body massage. Here are some products you can use for an at-home massage that you can do at any time.

  1. Apply Noni Glow Body Oil on the areas of your body that you wish to massage.
  2. Using our Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor, gently glide the gua sha massage tool in upwards strokes on the oiled areas, using a pressure that’s comfortable for you.
  3. The Rose Quartz Heart facial Sculptor can be used on pressure points to relieve any tension.

Tip: Regular massage can improve circulation and skin tone and promotes lymphatic drainage to help eliminate toxins.

“After a long day I love to massage other parts of my body to help relieve tension such as my neck and shoulders if I’ve been in the office all day, or if I’ve been on my feet running around all day I love to use the Rose Quartz Heart facial Sculptor after a shower or bath on my feet and legs. I also travel with it on flights and use on legs and arms to help with circulation.”
– Miranda

5. Little Lumps & Bumps

Strawberry Legs

Ever experienced those small, dark spots on your legs after shaving? Taking the informal name of “strawberry legs” due to the result resembling the skin of strawberries, most of us have experienced Strawberry Legs at one point. The darker spots can be caused by hair follicles or enlarged pores that contain a mixture of oil, bacteria, and dead skin or hair trapped in them. You can help treat this topically with a few preventative steps:

  1. Exfoliate before shaving, try using our Dry Body Brush or Body Exfoliator
  2. Use a shaving cream or Body Wash to help lubricate the area
  3. Razor health is key, ensure that you’re using a clean, quality razor that’s not blunt or old
  4. Shave in the direction of your hair
  5. Always moisturize post-shave

Tip: If you are planning on applying a self-tanning lotion, allow 24 hours between exfoliation and shaving and applying the tan to reduce the appearance of strawberry legs.

Mirandas Kerr applying KORA Organics Turmeric Mask to back of arms

Keratosis Pilaris

“I have suffered from those little bumps on the back of my arms (Keratosis pilaris) since I was quite young and nothing has helped, but recently a well-regarded dermatologist from Sydney told me that he found the Turmeric Mask really helped with this skin condition. So, I’ve been using it on the backs of my arms and the results are amazing.”
– Miranda

Now you’ve got the toolkit, it’s time to treat your body at-home.

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