The Benefits of Safe Seasonal Cleansing

The Benefits of Safe Seasonal Cleansing

The seasonal cleanse benefits are many, both physically and mentally. The Gut-Brain Axis will particularly benefit, which is why you feel more energized and happy after a detox.  

Most things in life, except for organic vegetables, cause this axis to become impaired, affecting your overall health. Pollutants, chemicals and hormones in our air, water, food, homes, hygiene products etc, expose us to an alarming amount of toxins daily.  

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the federal law regulating hygiene products and make-up hasn’t changed since 1938. The FDA doesn’t test the ingredients of these products for efficacy or safety. Only coloured additives require the agency’s approval. The agency can’t issue recalls on cosmetics or hygiene products either, which is a scary fact. 

The average woman uses 12 such products daily, exposing her to 168 chemicals daily 

According to the EWG, one of every 13 women is exposed to a known or suspected carcinogen every day, while one out of every 23 men is. Taken together, that’s 12.2 million adults.  

It, therefore, stands to reason why it is vital to do a seasonal cleanse at least once a year: 

11 Seasonal Cleanse Benefits 

The detox or seasonal cleanse benefits include: 

  • Improved energy and vitality 
  • Reduced free radical damage to help prevent disease and aging 
  • Enhanced immunity  
  • Improved gut health and better digestive function 
  • Better clarity and mental performance  
  • Improved hair, skin and nails 
  • Reduced body fat 
  • Improved sleep 
  • Reduced cravings and blood sugar imbalances 
  • Improved mood 
  • More balanced hormones and fertility. 

Healing your gut is essential to your mental and physical health because the labyrinth of around 100 million neurons in our gut is so vast that some scientists have nicknamed it our “2nd brain”. 

This abundance of neurons is called the enteric nervous system and has more neurons than our peripheral nervous system and produces more serotonin (our happy hormone) than our actual brain. The gut-brain connection is key in sustaining good health and limiting disease. 

The Benefits of Safe Seasonal Cleansing | Simone Laubscher. Image credit:dominik-martin-unsplash

Safe & Effective, Regular Detoxing 

Detoxing safely and effectively a couple of times a year is a great lifestyle habit for your long-term disease prevention strategy.  

Your body organs are under pressure from an accumulation of physical and emotional toxins in the 11 body systems (immune, digestive, skeletal, muscular, cardiac, nervous, endocrine (hormonal), integumentary (skin), nervous, lymphatic and respiratory). 

When doing a cleanse, the main systems to focus on are the digestive, lymphatic, urinary, immune and respiratory systems. These systems are pivotal in releasing toxins and transforming the whole system into vibrant health.

Signs You Need a Detox Cleanse

Fatigue is one of the first signs that your digestive system may need a spring clean.  

Other symptoms of a toxic digestive system include wind, bloating, constipation, IBS, anger/irritability, depression, poor concentration, overheating, jaundice, depression, irritability, anxiety, weight gain or hard to lose weight and headaches. 

Detox Safely & Effectively

Many people opt for a liver cleanse or detox pack they find at a health food store.  

What is not explained is that the chemicals and waste that the liver decides are not allowed to enter the body need to be eliminated through your urine in the kidneys or through your stool via your intestines. 

This overloads your kidneys and intestines. 

If you detox your liver, you put added pressure on your unsuspecting kidneys and intestines (which are undoubtedly already fatigued and toxic, just like the liver).  

The overload of toxins will be reabsorbed back into the body.  

You wouldn’t shake a dusty rug inside your home with all the windows closed, would you? Your home would be filled with more dust than ever.

Taking care of your 11 systems every week and adding at least twice-yearly seasonal cleansing is a much better way to live rather than that annual post-New Year quick/crash liver cleanse. 

If you’re not sure where to start and want to try Safe Seasonal Cleansing, take our Free Wellness Quiz to pinpoint your top 3 areas to focus on to improve your health. 

Simone x 

Keep your eyes on the blog in the coming weeks for how to safely cleanse! 

Simone Laubscher has a BSc MSc PhD in Science and nutrition and has treated patients for over 20 years.

After struggling with health issues relating to obesity (metabolic, thyroid, adrenal, blood sugar and eating disorders), Simoné treated herself successfully 22 years ago, following her graduation from university with her B.Sc.-Nutrition, from the UNSW, Sydney, Australia.

Simoné then went on to do an M.Sc in Naturopathy and Nutrition and a PhD in human nutrition. She is very passionate about setting both adults and children free of disease and debilitating conditions. Simoné specialises in obesity, long-term weight loss, metabolic reset, eating disorders, diabetes, IBS / gut disorders, depression, stress/adrenal fatigue, hormonal regulation and immune-related illnesses such as cancer.

Due to her own health issues and observations with her clients Simoné became increasingly frustrated with the vitamin industry using synthetic ingredients, so as a result 15 years ago started to formulate her own whole food organic supplement line called Rejuv Wellness. Simoné also went on to formulate the whole food supplement line for Welleco, born out of her client Elle Macpherson’s own personal journey for optimum wellness.

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