Becoming Irresistible Starts with a Smile

Becoming Irresistible Starts with a Smile

Recent studies suggest that the secret to becoming irresistible starts with a smile.

And, like most of us, if you find yourself in a humourless place, and maybe feeling alone, the last thing you’ll feel like doing some days is smiling.

You maybe asking: How can I turn this around?

Honest laughter is what you need

I suggest you make comedy your ally, there’s nothing more powerful.

Take a YouTube moment and look up your favourite comedians.

Start watching those funny moments a few minutes a day and in no time you’ll find yourself shifting from misery to joy. You’ll start to see humour in people and situations you thought were drab. Your mates and loved ones will vibe your mood and start taking themselves less seriously too.

Laughter is a natural gift for your mind and body and if you’re fortunate enough to belly laugh your way through the morning, it’s a great work out for the stomach.

It’s the perfect way to set the mood before a meeting and don’t you want to feel more fabulous before a date?

You can’t go wrong, after all, a huge smile will make people irresistibly drawn to you.
And how can you resist that!

Suzannah Galland


2 thoughts on “Becoming Irresistible Starts with a Smile

  1. pamela franklin

    I truly believe your message. A smile is contagious and if you smile the world smiles with you.
    Suzannah this is an uplifting message written with much thought. Lauaghter is a tonic which I adhere too. I will take laughter lines over wrinkles any day!!
    Awaiting your next insight and inspirational article.


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