Anita’s Secret to Spiritual Shopping

Anita’s Secret to Spiritual Shopping

My mother asked me to take her Buddha shopping. She wanted a Buddha for our family home. A greeter for the foyer, something magical and inviting that ushered in good fortune and happiness. So, we went to the “Buddha Store” and what caught our attention was not Buddha. It was a lovely little statue of a goddess. It was Quan Yin who drew us in with her power. This is the secret to shopping for spiritual statuary is to be open because you never know what will call out to you.

Who is Quan Yin?

She is the diva goddess of Buddhism. Known as Quan Yin or Kuan Yin in Chinese, Quan ‘Am in Vietnamese, Kannon in Japanese and Kanin in Balinese. She is mysterious and powerful, blessing everything with spiritual and physical peace. Quan Yin reminds us to be true to ourselves.

What are her goddess powers?

When you have negative thoughts, a prayer to Quan Yin will drive them away. Simply by calling out her name you can overcome anger.
When you need to be more positive and stop judging yourself and others, she helps you focus on light and love.
Quan Yin awakens talents for musicians and singers.
Her loving energy helps those want to conceive children.

How to recognize her?

She wears a white robe and holds a lotus blossom in her hand as a symbol of purity. She might be standing or seated on a lotus or pouring a pitcher of healing water representing the “Water of Life.” Sometimes she drags her pet dragons along.

Where to place her?

Quan Yin makes a lovely greeter in your foyer. Place her in the bedroom when trying to get pregnant. In the office she helps you attract new clients. Quan Yin goes anywhere and where she appears light and love follow.

Anita Rosenberg / @AnitaRosenbergStudio


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