A Guide To Facial Massage

A Guide To Facial Massage

Updated on 20th December 2023 at 9:15 am

A facial massage is just as important as a body massage, it stimulates muscles, enhances the flow of oxygen, and works on lymphatic drainage, and helps to dissipate fatty tissues to encourage plump, healthy skin.

You can give yourself a spa-worthy facial massage a couple of times a week at home, using your hands and fingers as tools if you don’t already have a Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor.

Start by using a couple of pumps of Noni Glow Face Oil warmed in your hands, and glide over your decollate, up your neck and your face using effleurage movements.

Using your thumbs or facial sculptor, place underneath your chin at the centre of your jaw and glide outwards towards your ears. Pushing and holding, repeat this three times.

Then using your thumbs and index fingers, or the middle of the facial sculptor, pinch out along your jaw line three times.

With the flats of your palms, or the flat part of the facial sculptor, push up from your jaw to your cheek bone—and press and hold. Repeat this again, taking the position slightly higher—and press and hold on the temples. Add three sliding and smoothing movements up over crow’s feet, next to the eyes.

Take your middle and ring finger, or the top of the facial sculptor, and zig zag over your forehead smoothing out and frown lines. You can include some upwards strokes in the centre of your brows too.

An Active Facial Massage KORA Organics by Kylie Wells

Using all your fingertips, or the top of the facial sculptor, use smooth outwards strokes under the eyes a few times; finished with firm strokes on pressure points over the whole face.

The above technique improves absorption so it’s now a good time to apply the Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer in upwards strokes, from decollate to the top of your forehead. If you have a facial sculptor finish with a few outwards strokes for maximum results.


Kylie has been in the Beauty Industry for over 21 years. Her career has taken her all over the world, on land and at sea. Still to this day beauty therapy is her passion, mixing old ancient remedies with new evolved techniques and technology. Kylie is always learning.

Kylie is known for her healing hands. She thrives on working the Meraki way, using soul, creativity, passion and love in each and every treatment leaving a part of herself to every client. Working on intuition, she works from various spaces on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and also in the comfort of your own home.


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