Adaptable Exercise

Adaptable Exercise

I’m writing this as I multi-task teaching a kindergartener, making lunch, and being on hold with insurance so please forgive me if my thoughts aren’t as cohesive as usual…I know YOU ALL GET IT!

2020 will definitely be a memorable year.  It’s a giant pile of uncertainties and challenges but I’m also hopeful that these forced transitions have helped us all become better in different ways.

Living in Los Angeles, “in person” fitness shut down in March and is mostly still shut down.  Like everyone else I’ve had to take my teaching online and I’ve learned a few things about myself and others.  I would like to share my tips with you to help ease the chaos and keep your mental health in focus.

1. Get it in wherever/whenever you can.

20 minutes is great!  If you only have that amount of time you can still get a really effective workout.  Add that time to a walk outside (with your dog, significant other or kids) and you are nailing it for the day.  Your workout doesn’t need to be an hour at this moment in time. The last thing you should do is start beating yourself up for not working out the same way you did in the gym/studio.  Getting in a negative headspace or comparing things to pre-Coronavirus is counterproductive.

Diana Newton

2. Diversify your workouts

Been thinking about trying Pilates, Yoga, Boxing? NOW IS THE TIME.  Everyone is online.  Fantastic trainers are at your fingertips and many of them are offering free Instagram workouts or donation based classes. Something NEW can also be invigorating when our lives may be feeling repetitive or monotonous.

3. Choose your workout the day of - not the day before or the start of the week

If you were anything like me you LOVED to take classes at the gym or in private studios. Back then you most likely needed to plan ahead and book your classes in advance.  While that can have accountability advantages – why not use this “different” time to REALLY TUNE IN and listen to your body’s daily needs.  If you feel anxious or energized – go for a run.  If you feel depleted or stiff – take a yoga class.  Tailor your choices to what your body is asking for in the moment, not what you think you SHOULD do – your body knows best.

4. Posture up and get outside

Possibly having your job at home is a beast and it takes a lot of effort to get into a good rhythm.  Whether you’re at home or back in an office, make sure you take regular water, vitamin D and posture breaks throughout the day.  Remember to focus some energy on proper alignment. You will be a lot more productive and your body will thank you for it later.

5. Cut Yourself Some Slack

Most of us are our own worst enemy and it’s time we silence our harsh inner critic.  These are difficult times.  Be kind to yourself and practice self care.  Self care starts with feeling ok if goals/expectations are not always getting met. Stop holding yourself to an impossible standard.  Everyone is struggling. If you start spiralling, do a quick meditation, read a positive mantra or call a friend and talk it through.

Diana xx

Master trainer Diana Newton has 15+ years of expert fitness training with multiple certifications in Pilates and personal training.  Her passion is making innovative routines that challenge your body and keep you guessing about what comes next.

She has a wealth of knowledge as one of Los Angeles’ highly sought after trainers. Throughout the years she has helped many clients achieve their fitness goals. Diana specializes in private Reformer Pilates & High Intensity Interval Coaching for all fitness levels.

Diana offers a Reformer lease program for 100+ studio quality classes, and during this time she has created a Quarantine 20 program – 20 at home full body workouts! | thequarantine20 | @di.scipline


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  1. Twyla

    Just found information on Kora Organics which led me to Diana’s blog. So on point and truly inspiring for all of us going through the emotional roller-coaster during this chaotic time. As I advance to my 60’s, I look to more and more diverse and modified exercise routines and look forward to checking out Diane’s.


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