A Time Of Female Empowerment

A Time Of Female Empowerment

December 20, 2020 launched the beginning of the transition to Period 9 (2024-2044). 

Period 9 is the alignment of Saturn/Jupiter/Earth that occurs every 20 years. We transition to a new era where energy changes because the celestial influence changes. There will be new laws and new results. How you decide to take on these unique changes and challenges will be up to you. Some will spiral downward while others will thrive. 

The business trend is metaverse and space travel. Spiritual growth is BIG and will move people interested in self-awareness and self-improvement. Period 9 will be all about searching for your own truth, enlightenment, wellness, energy healing, and metaphysics. Those who were never interested in these topics before will suddenly be hit by a lightning bolt of interest and seek guidance.

The best way to handle Period 9 is to raise your vibration.

Period 9 is represented by Li Gua which is FIRE. Since the nature of fire is to spread quickly – this will be a time of doing things fast. This is also a time of doing things with others. Li Gua also represents creativity, the middle daughter, eyes, and the heart. Period 9 will officially be a time of powerful women getting recognized and being respected. 

Women are going to become the new rising leaders and powerhouses –we can already see this happening in politics and major sectors in every industry. During this time period, smart men will embrace the new role of women. Some men will adjust better than others to the newly empowered female.

A Time of Female Empowerment. IMage credit. cristian-escobar-abkEAOjnY0s-unsplash

Become the CEO of Your Own Life

Take responsibility for your own relationships and with your relationship with the divine. Take responsibility for your own career and work success. Take responsibility for your health. Make hard decisions. Set the culture. Put rules into place. Lead. Create the vision.

Period 9 is important for two main reasons:

  1. Period 9 resets the playing field. From 2002-2024, Period 8 was all about young men rising in power represented by the Gen Gua while Period 9 is about women in power represented by the Li Gua – also representing fire and doing things fast. New ways of communicating have emerged. Think back of the time when you started using Zoom and other on-line conference portals for meetings. There is speed in communicating now that we have never experienced before. You can travel across the globe and talk to people with What’s App and Telegram. You can post your travel photos and experiences in real time.
  2. Opportunity portals have opened up. Use these years to claim your place on the playing field. Take big strides forward.

Water Rabbit Period 9 Tasklist

One | Get Cheerleaders

  • Get rid of naysayers
  • Make a list of people in your life who root you on and are supportive
  • Focus only on spending time with positive people in your life.

Two | Find Mentors

  • Mentors and coaches give you proper guidance
  • Helpful people save you time
  • Build these relationships during your lifetime.
  • Get into your mentor’s inner circle – they can open doors for you.

Three | Unlock New Abilities

  • Find out what you are good at.

Four | Join a Tribe or Community

Five | Recruit Companions

Period 9 | A Time Of Female Empowerment. Image credit. katherine-hanlon-roY7Lf1Zxl8-unsplash

Must-Have Skills for 2023

Use these skills for the next 20 years:

One | Packaging, Appearance + Personal Branding

  • If you only focus on your work this is the opposite of Li Gua
  • You need to market yourself
  • Communicate emotions
  • Packaging is more important than substance
  • Outward appearance is important
  • Must be aware how your packaging is coming across.

Two | Oratory + Speaking Skills

  • Speak well and clearly
  • Be a good conversationalist
  • Be a good presenter
  • Feel comfortable and natural when speaking in group, on camera, or with clients.

Three | Female Friendly

  • If women like something they are more likely to recommend it to their friends than a man
  • Women are detailed oriented
  • If you mostly have male friends – you need to do something about this
  • Women like bonus gifts
  • They are visual people
  • Women buy through emotion
  • Color and detail give them emotions.

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