Miranda & Sasha Plavsic | ILIA’s Founder
Updated on 24th December 2023 at 5:18 pm

Miranda & Sasha Plavsic | ILIA’s Founder

Sasha Plavsic is the Founder of ILIA, a clean beauty brand famous for their fan-favorite clean mascara, skin tint, tinted lip conditioner and more. Known for innovative, skin-centric formulas, ILIA, much like KORA Organics, values products that are natural, safe, effective, and fuss-free in their approach.

Known for organic bases, skincare ingredients, and vivid colors, ILIA has evolved into one of the leading beauty brands in the clean makeup category. Daring to challenge the status quo that clean beauty and natural beauty aren’t as effective, Sasha purposefully developed ILIA to protect and revive the skin. Our Founder & CEO Miranda caught up with Sasha to learn more about ILIA and talk about their shared passion for quality, transparency, sustainability and natural yet efficacious beauty products!

Read on for Miranda’s Q&A with Sasha to learn more about ILIA and the inspiring woman behind it…

MK:  What inspired you to create Ilia?

SP: Initially, I was curious about how to overcome personal skin issues. When I went searching for products that could help solve my concerns around reactive skin, everything came up short. The mission was set to see if I could create clean, safe, efficacious products that are designed with a purpose to protect + revive the skin.

MK: What does your “sustainable and simplistic” packaging entail and how does it positively impact the environment?

SP: Much of our packaging is recyclable and we are currently working on reverse engineering parts that aren’t. In makeup, many smaller pieces may not be recyclable. For example, if they fall below a size less than 3” in diameter, those pieces will ultimately get sorted and dumped into a landfill, even when put into a recycling bin. To help solve this problem, we’ve chosen to work with Pact Collective, an initiative through Credo Beauty, that gives the customer the opportunity to mail back empties, whereby we send them to Pact which recycles the hard to recycle. Every little bit counts, as does creating less waste. A smarter use of materials and a cradle to cradle aspect is the ultimate goal.

MK: Ilia is known for complexion products rooted in the brand’s mission to revive and protect the skin. What other measures do you take to ensure your skin is healthy and beautiful?

SP: Hydration is really important and outside of drinking a lot of water throughout the day, great skincare is the next best thing you can do. On days when I want to help boost hydration in our ILIA products, I reach for your Noni Glow Face Oil. It’s the perfect complement to our complexion products.

MK: Since starting Ilia 10 years ago, clean beauty has gained popularity. What can we expect for the future of Ilia?

SP: We will continue to follow our mission to protect + revive the skin with a goal of making your skin look and feel alive. I hope to build a world of products that continue to support the elements of achieving your best skin.

At KORA, we are beyond excited to shine a light on purposeful brands like ILIA and the women behind them who share a parallel mission to prioritize natural, safe, and effective beauty products…. Because healthy skin is the most beautiful skin.

With love,

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