A Meditation Ritual for finding your Zen during the Holidays

A Meditation Ritual for finding your Zen during the Holidays

During the holidays, it is easy for us to feel even more rushed with the amount of holiday events, parties and family reunions on top of our daily and weekly routines.  I suggest adding a daily grounding ritual to remind ourselves of staying connected to Source, Mother Earth and our soul-self everyday. So that anytime you feel anxious with holiday schedules, holiday traffic, busy airports, gift buying and family visits, that you have some simple tools to help elevate any feelings of chaos and bring you back to a state of calm.

Tool number 1:

Deep breathing through the nose.  Once you realize that you are feeling stress from your environment, whatever that might be, stop to notice your breath. Change it to long deep breathing. Inhale for 5 seconds, hold your breath for 5 seconds (when holding the breath in- pull up and in on your navel point) and then exhale for 5 seconds.  Continue this for 3 minutes.  Eye can be opened or closed – try it both ways.

Tool number 2:

Affirmations help to keep us uplifted, grounded and connected to Source throughout our day.  Reminding us of our true potential and to be grateful for all that is.

To begin: standing or sitting – bring both feet to the floor.  Close your eyes and feel grounded into the earth.  Take a deep breath and recite aloud, or mentally, your affirmations.
Some examples would be :  I am Grateful, I am peaceful, I am kind, I am abundant, I am.

I love these simple, yet powerful affirmations. You can even say them out loud with your children.  I practice this with my son and it really works for both of us!

Tool number 3:

Meditation has been scientifically proven that a wandering mind causes people to be less happy.  Through focusing the mind or our attention, as one does in meditation, we learn how to control our attention.  As we meditate over time, this controlling of the mind, allows us to understand that we are not our thoughts. This gives us the awareness to control our reactions to these thoughts and even change them if we want. 

Here is a guided meditation to use to brighten your day and to clear away any stress you feel around the holidays.

Come sitting in a cross-legged position or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.  Bring your hands in your lap, left over right, thumbs touching. Close your eyes and begin a long, slow deep breath, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your nose.

As you settle into your breath, begin to imagine a bright white light entering in through your inhale and filling your whole body with white light.  Hold the breath for 5 seconds and then as you exhale begin to feel and see any stress, negativity and emotions leaving you as you exhale.  Continue this anywhere from 3 to 11 minutes.  At the end of your selected time, briefly hold you breath to consolidate your energy and the effects of the meditation, then exhale, relax and enjoy.

If you can find three minutes a day to practice any of these rituals, or all of them, they can help you to stay calm, present and enjoy the holidays.  This season was created for this.  Take back the true nature of the giving holiday spirit by first giving to YOU – your soul, mind and body will thank you!

With Love, 
Onkar x

Onkar is a student and teacher of Kundalini Yoga for the past 15 years, intuitive counselor and meditative healer. She is Level 1 & 2 certified, a level 1 Satnam Rasayan healer and the founder of HEAL REVIVE – an online platform of support for bringing spiritual ritualism into our everyday lives.

Onkar brings her love and wisdom of teaching and meditation experience to create powerful 40-day programs that help to heal the mind, body and soul. Known for her approachable methods for accessing the technology of Kundalini Yoga she has brought this accessibility to the masses as a frequent contributor to mainstream publications and wellness brands. She finds the greatest joy in life being a mother, wife and teacher. You can find Onkar at healrevive.com and 40dayrituals.com.


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