A Calming Breathwork Practice for the Holiday Season

A Calming Breathwork Practice for the Holiday Season

As we near the end of the year, I feel inspired to share a breathwork practice to help you cultivate a really deep sense of presence, and trust, in each moment.

During this practice I will ask you to breathe in through your mouth and out through your mouth. As you breathe in, you’re first breathing into your belly, and then into your chest. Taking in a lot of air, for your inhale. 

As you breathe out, try focusing on a passive exhale. We will do this for 30 cycles. During this time I ask you to notice how this affects your mind and your body, as you come back to the present moment.


Please find a comfortable seat, and join me via the video above. Softly, close your eyes, and we will sync our breath, together. 

Firstly, take one deep breath through your nose, and out through your nose, and we will begin.

Take one forceful inhalation into your belly, and then into your chest—and a passive exhalation out through your mouth. Keep going with this, trusting your body, trusting your breath. Any feelings of numbness and tingling in your body is completely normal. 

On the next exhale, release your breath and hold it at the bottom of your exhale. Relaxing your shoulders down towards the earth. Relaxing your body, take a deep inhale through your mouth, this time holding your breath at the top. Notice the deep sense of stillness and peace washing through your body. Allow your exhalation and release, coming back to regular breaths. 

At this point of the practice, I feel a deep sense of calmness and peace, rushing through my body and through my mind. I hope you can too.

When you are ready, softly open your eyes, and bring your awareness back into your body, to your space and find a deeper sense of peace in your body. 

This practice supports me to come back to my body when I feel like I’m experiencing stress and anxiety. Just a quick few rounds of this practice really helps to support and ground me.

I hope it does the same for you. 

Sending you so much love.

Chanel x


Chanel is a sound healer, breath work practitioner and coach. She offers group programs and 1:1 sessions. She is the creator of Inner Exhale where she shares her passion of connecting and healing mind, body and spirit.

With a focus on self love and transformation, Inner Exhale is a place that she shares her holistic offerings and insights. She encourages mindful awareness, movement, connection to nature, meditation, and breath awareness. She believes that self love is the way to finding your unique mission and showing up in your passion and purpose.

@chanelmulcahy | www.innerexhale.com

A Calming Breathwork Practice for the Holiday Season

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