9 To Thrive

9 To Thrive

For those of you who were unable to join us, KORA Organics was a part of the national phenomenon that is the Business Chicks 9 to Thrive Summit in May!

Business Chicks is Australia’s largest and most influential community for women and aim to provide professional women with inspiration and tools to take themselves and their businesses to the next level. The 9 To Thrive Summit is a whole day event featuring a highly-curated line-up of international speakers, activations, workshops, panels and networking.

As the doors opened at 8am, a flood of eager and excited business savvy women entered to start the day! After a brief welcome from Business Chicks CEO, Olivia Ruello, it was our Founder and CEO, Miranda Kerr, who kicked off the day with the first seminar session. Unable to be a there in person (doctor’s orders of bed rest due to pregnancy), the room crossed live to Miranda in her LA home, ready for her interview with host, Shelly Horton.

Miranda expressed her gratitude for being able to still be a part of the day and how honoured she was to speak alongside such incredible women and fellow presenters.

Miranda enlightened the audience of over 2000 women speaking of her career transition from model to business owner, how she found her purpose and built KORA Organics into the successful global business it is today. As well as the challenges she has faced along the way, the lessons learnt, leadership and the importance of building a good team.

Here is a little insight of Miranda’s interview.

What has been the greatest challenge that you’ve had to face?

“I feel like there’s lot of challenges that come up, but it’s the way you look at those challenges, they’re opportunities to grow, and I have a really wonderful team that I trust and work with, and we bounce ideas off each other, so I really think that it’s about trusting your intuition with those challenges, working with your team and finding a solution that’s best for everyone.”

What’s the best thing about owning your own business?

“Being able to do every day what I’m passionate about, it doesn’t feel like work as I’m so invested in creating these skincare products that give people the results they need, in a healthy way for their skin and it’s so rewarding for me”

Was it difficult going from a model to a business woman, did people doubt you?

“In the beginning people doubted that certified organic skincare was going to be as effective as other products that were out in the market and I think that’s been one of the biggest challenges…now we’ve invested in consumer studies, to show the benefits and results of certified organic skincare…at the end of the day healthy skin is the most beautiful skin, and you can achieve results without putting the chemicals and toxins into your skin”

What are the great qualities of a good leader? 

“Trusting yourself and your intuition…when you feel something so strongly in your gut, you should listen to it”

Miranda also educated the audience on certified organic skincare and the importance of knowing what is going on your skin, as it ultimately soaks into your bloodstream. With this vital message, the opportunity to learn about our certified organic products could be explored through our activation space. We created an experiential retreat where people could discover KORA Organics and nourish their MIND, BODY, SKIN.

There was a buzz in the air as guests excitedly explored, testing products and curiously asking our team about certified organic skincare, it’s benefits and products specific to themselves. We incorporated several of our key brand elements such as the healing powers of crystals, affirmation cards, scents of essential oils and offered (very popular) Reiki healing and Gua-sha facial massage treatments.

A BIG thank you to Business Chicks for having us. We absolutely loved educating all the attendees about certified organic skincare. It was a blast!

We would also like to thank those who helped us bring our vision to life!

Much love,
KORA Organics xxx


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