2021 Chinese New Year | Year Of The Ox

2021 Chinese New Year | Year Of The Ox

Updated on 28th December 2023 at 10:53 am

The Spread the Light annual tradition is to share the Chinese Astrological Forecast with the community to help you maximize the yearly energies. As Miranda Kerr’s personal go-to expert for Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics, Anita Rosenberg takes us through the 12 animal signs.

Animal signs have yearly star energy. You need to activate the good stars to negate the negative stars by pursuing the activity to gain the benefits. Here is your Chinese Astrological forecast for the animal sign in the year you were born. 

FUN FACT: did you know that during ancient times, Chinese sages and astrologers chose to use farm animals to represent astrological star patterns? This made it easier for the peasants, who were mostly farmers, to identify them.


Three terrific stars include Grand Duke Combination, Jade Hall, and Intelligence that bring mentors and helpful people, increases the value of your assets, and gives you an edge over others. Expand your connections with influential people. Learn something new to make yourself more valuable. Take time to detox and stay healthy. Make lifestyle change to reflect your new self-confidence.

With Duke’s Arrival Star, 2021 is the year to shine because others will be paying attention to you. Shine on center stage and be a leader so others will follow. Elegant Seal Star brings a boost self-confidence and artistic inspiration. Embrace obstacles and challenges because they will help you grow. Take care of your wellbeing and don’t let daily pressures exhaust you.

Sun Noble and Nobleman Stars bring help that seems to drop out of the sky. Expand your connections with influential people. It’s not who you know – it’s who you knew well in 2021. Watch out for competitors and up your game. Be positive and don’t indulge in solitary sadness or throw yourself a pity-party. There’s too much to do and you have the potential to be more likeable so get out there and connect more. Red matchmaker boosts your likeability and romance is in the air.

Rabbit doesn’t have a lot of auspicious stars so you need to put in extra effort to make your own luck in 2021. Be prudent with your expenses. Always be prepared. Put more effort into your career. Spend more time with elderly family members. Nurture and boost your immune system. Stay strong and focus on meaningly aspects of your life.

Moon Star brings big and small opportunities to expand your wealth. It also represents what is going on in the shadows. If something has been on the back burner, this is a good year to shine a light on it. Be careful of accidents, you might be a bit accident prone. You can also gain help from women this year. We are moving into the time of the empowered female in Feng Shui Period 9. Strike a healthy balance in your life and stay focused and clear.

Three Stages and National Treasure Stars increase opportunities to gain power and authority. Act fast so you don’t miss opportunities. You may experience extreme highs and lows, just be aware so you are better equipped to draw out your plans. Stay out of other people’s problems and focus on yourself. There will be challenges and you may be extra sensitive, but if you shift your way of thinking you can excel in 2021.

Heavenly Yi and Monthly Virtue Stars bring new people into your life. These stars give you an edge to hire, befriend and partner with the right people. Expand your quality of life and watch how you spend money. Live a healthier lifestyle. Keep an eye on an elderly family member. If you can solve problems for others you will be very valuable in 2021. You also have Salty Pool which creates unexpected intimate relationships, great if you are single, not good if you are in a committed relationship.

Earth Relief Star brings good luck investing in real estate. If you have been thinking of buying property, your dream house is out there waiting. Your original plans might change so you need a backup plan. Change your routine and try something new. Spend money on things that add value to your life. If you have been single for a long time, you might want to bring somebody into your life. If you are in an unhealthy relationship that is pulling you down, it’s time to say goodbye and end things.

Three great stars will propel you through 2021: Dragon Virtue, Emperor, and Sky Happiness Star. Expect joyful occasions. Be the light to others to be happy and fulfilled. Forge long-term relationships both personally and professionally. Forgive others and this will heal you in return. Write things down to stay focused and clear headed. Enjoy abundance of good fortune and always maintain an attitude of gratitude so more doors open up.

Three auspicious stars; Golden Lock, General, and Eight Seats place you in the flow of receiving gifts and assistance. A portal opens for you to receive unexpected opportunities and noble support. Expose your talents and skills on social media – you could become famous overnight. Your life can drastically change with this new burst of popularity. Take on more leadership roles and be more decisive and others will follow.

Prosperity, Heavenly Virtue, and Fortune Virtues stars bring good tidings, fun gatherings, assistance from friends, family, and colleagues, along with professional progress. Create good memories by doing enjoyable activities. Grab opportunities, take action, and make things happen. Make time for others if you are feeling lonely and abandoned. Keep in mind that everybody has things going on in their lives too and don’t take it personally. Make time for them and they will make time for you too.

Sky Horse pushes you towards great expansion. If you love to travel, there is potential to travel for business or education – once we are mobile again as a society. Even if you are working remotely from home, connect with other cultures and new markets to increase your income. Refrain from extreme sports and high-rick activities. You might be more susceptible to spirit energy and it may impact you negatively. Keep your space and aura cleansed and you will be fine.


Anita will be doing her yearly Chinese New Year Metal Ox Talk in February to tap into the 2021 new year energy. To join the Zoom event, sign up for her newsletter on her website to get on THE LIST. www.AnitaRosenberg.com 


Anita Rosenberg has been the go-to expert for Chinese Metaphysics in Hollywood, Aspen and New York for the past nineteen years. As one of the few female directors in Hollywood during her previous life, Anita understands how to direct you to be the star of yours.

Anita is Miranda Kerr’s personal Cosmic Coach and a regular contributor to Miranda’s Spread the Light blog. She helps you focus on your goals and discover your voice so you can put yourself on center-stage in 2020!

For more in-depth information and to schedule a private BaZi Chinese Astrology consultation among other New Year services, contact Anita – www.anitarosenberg.com or on Instagram at @AnitaRosenbergStudio.


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