2020: Setting Intentions & Goals

2020: Setting Intentions & Goals

A new year. A new decade.

I love this time of year during the holidays when we slow down and reflect on all of our learnings and growth over the past year.  And into January, when we consider how we may want to move forward in the new year, what goals and intentions we may want to set.

We all approach setting intentions and goals differently, in our own unique ways. For me, an intention is a theme, possibly even a word, like “miracle.” A goal is a more tangible task that has measurable results, such as giving up refined sugar and seeing how that affects our health (yes, that’s one of my lofty goals). Many of us may already be well into making great progress. Some of us may have slipped, like me (go easy on yourself if you have, we’re all imperfect beings). Others may not have yet begun. Wherever we are, the end of January is always a good time to check in and recalibrate. Actually, there will be a new moon in Aquarius on January 25th, which is also the Chinese New Year. A great time to truly begin the year and set our intentions and goals.

According to numerology, 2020 is the year of miracles. Let’s begin right there. I invite us to consider “miracles” as an intention option for the new year. Seeing and manifesting miracles in every moment. Trust me, they’re there. Often times we are so focused on the challenges, what isn’t working, we are unable to see what IS working, the blessings and miracles that hide amidst the challenges. You know the old saying hindsight is 2020 that most often feels so true. Well, I encourage us to shift that focus and instead, gaze at the road ahead with optimism and hope. Rather than focusing on what could’ve, should’ve, would’ve been, or how we can be or do better, let’s take our challenges and search for the blessings. I encourage us to plant our seeds there, deep in the challenges and lessons, water them daily, and watch with heartfelt hope as we begin to grow in a new way, and receive the blessings with an open heart. May we remove our blinders and be fully present, truly see and experience all the miracles that unfold in each moment and beyond. And maybe, just maybe see with crystal clear vision our intentions and goals coming to light.

So, what are our intentions and goals for 2020? What challenges might we like to encounter, what obstacles might we like to overcome? What mountains might we like to climb (figuratively + literally)? Whatever they may be, I invite us to 1) set intentions and realistic goals accompanied by a plan and timeline for achieving them, and 2) consider inviting a loved one to be an accountability partner, which may make the journey more realistic and fun. Some of my goals include more self-love (this is a life lesson for me), setting healthy boundaries in all relationships, being of service to others, taking better care of Mother Earth, drinking warm lemon water daily, taking daily breaks from work to feel the sun on my face, take a hike, stroll along the shore, playing happy birthday on the kazoo for loved ones and giving out rubber chickens (funny family activity I’ll share more about someday).

Mantra for Miracles: Guru Ram Das

As we embark upon this year of miracles, I invite you to consider chanting a mantra for miracles and healing. One of my favorites is Guru Ram Das.

Guru Ram Das is known as “The Lord of Miracles.”  He represents compassion, love, humility, and healing for the universe. In Kundalini Yoga, we call upon him through chanting, inviting healing and miracles into our lives. Many miracles have happened when this mantra is chanted. Yoga Bhajan received this mantra directly from Guru Ram Das in a lucid dream state.


  • Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru


  • Guru – teacher / guide who brings one from darkness to light
  • Wahe – wow, or exclamation of feeling of ecstasy
  • Ram Das – God’s servant and a reference to Guru Ram Das, the Fourth Guru of the Sikhs


  • Invites miracles to occur for ourselves and others
  • Opens the heart center and allows us to experience self-love and love and compassion for others as well as forgiveness for ourselves and others 
  • Carries us through dark times, answers our deepest prayers, and brings healing of the mind, body, and soul
  • Activates all chakras, especially the heart chakra, establishes our spine as our root and center, and fills our aura with healing energy

May we embrace 2020 as a year full of miracles. May we jump in with two feet, fully grounded and committed in our intentions and goals. May we journey forward with truth, grace, courage, and an open heart and mind. 

Wishing you a year full of miraculous moments! 

Sat nam!

Much love and many blessings (and miracles!),
Amy XO

Amy Shea is a yoga teacher, nonprofit executive recruiter and career/life coach based in Los Angeles, California.

Amy has been practicing various types of yoga for years, discovered Kundalini in 2007, and began teaching in 2008. She teaches Kundalini, Prenatal (The Khalsa Way), Mommy & Me, and is also certified in Light Leaders and Y.O.G.A. for Youth.

Amy’s classes focus on a heart-opening and peaceful experience that will help you connect to your body, mind, and soul and discover your authentic self. She guides students along the journey into self-discovery, the open and loving heart, and the connection to humanity. She brings a calm and nurturing manner to her classes and offers a space for all to feel safe and have fun.

Follow Amy at @asheazo.


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