Well+Good Reveals the 2018 Wellness Trends

Well+Good Reveals the 2018 Wellness Trends

Well+Good have released their top wellness trends for 2018, and we’ve picked and shared our favorite emerging movements!

Skin Care that Protects you from the Tech World and Pollution

We know first-hand how vital is it to support and defend the skin’s barrier, so it can function as it’s best. We believe in feeding the skin with products to help detoxify, nourish and revitalize so your complexion can thrive in the modern world.

Self-care is Essential, not an Indulgence

It brings us great joy to see the movement of self-care becoming more accessible and seen as a priority in our lives. Miranda has always advocated a holistic approach to health and wellness, which is why our mission at KORA Organics is to nourish people’s MIND, BODY, and SKIN.

Pet Food that’s as Healthy as Yours

We love sharing the wholesome quality of organic food with our beloved pets. Just like us, they thrive when additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors are removed from their diet.

Home Decor goes Woo Woo

Creating tranquillity in the home or office space is an opportune trend to bring more calm into our everyday lives. We’re happy to see the use of positive crystals, motivational imagery and decorative collectibles in our working space!

Clean Makeup Finally Nails Bold Color and Full Coverage

We are very happy to learn that 48% of consumers are seeking an organic or natural option for their cosmetics. When combining organic skin care with natural beauty products you can ensure you’re feeding your skin the very best. Watch out for new KORA Organics products within this category in 2018!

Analog Destinations to Unplug are the New *IT* Spots

The need to unplug from the modern world has perhaps never been needed more than it is today. We’re delighted to hear about a trend that helps to reconnect people, face-to-face, with no interruptions! Read all of Well+Good’s predicted trends here! xxx KORA Organics  

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