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If You Can See It, You Can Have It in 2017 by Suzannah Galland

If You Can See It, You Can Have It in 2017

I like to think of 2017 as an open book. Why not call it a celebration of YOU? The first page starts on January 1st. It is your journal, and what if you knew that the words you write could take form. Imagine that?

We all want to celebrate our life. But verbal affirmations like, “Every day I will lose weight,” or “My house is clean and tidy” just don’t cut it. To lose weight, drink less or catch a date, you may need the right actions to do the trick.

What do you crave? A new home, or baby, or a closet filled with Dolce & Gabbana? Whatever it is, then it’s time to rewrite your story and in the present. Whenever you live in this moment, making the most of it, time and again, you’re naturally at your most powerful, most capable, most alive.

Lilly is from Los Angles and wants to get married. She’s single, depressed and “filled with flaws” – or so she believes. Lilly has spent the last seven years pining for a huge wedding day, but now she’d be grateful for a Vegas bash. Lilly is dateless, overweight and feeling clueless how to bring in her beau. Her New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, but her secret desire is to get married.

First, I asked Lilly to talk about marriage and what it means to her. She gave me a solemn look. She said, “I just want to share my life with someone special.” Her eyes were lifeless. Her words monotone. For Lilly, life had taken its toll.

Lilly looked to me to help her lose weight. What she needed was an out of the box approach.

Like all brides who try on gowns, I knew she’d love to see herself in one of them.

After all, beauty is about the way you move, and express yourself.

“Be patient and find that one-of-a-kind dress you’ve always imagined yourself wearing,” I told her, “Enjoy the daydream of becoming a bride.” And take a close friend with you for support.

At first, she was hesitant to do this. ”I’m too fat,” she said, “Nothing will fit me.”

I gave her a gentle nudge. “Make sure to feel the finish of the fabric,” I said. “See the glowing potential of you.”

Lilly’s adventure was a success. And her feedback was everything I hoped for. Her eyes brimmed with joy. She experienced a mystical ecstasy. For the first time, she knew what it would feel like to be a bride.

“I am going to lose 20lb and start dating.” She said.

Lilly had wanted to lose weight for a bigger reason – to get married. But to achieve her goal, she needed a more tangible motivator. Taking ACTION to explore what it would feel like to be a bride created a cycle of energy to propel her forward. And that was a grand motivator for her to lose weight.

We all have wants and desires, but we rarely listen to our hearts. By physically experiencing the thing you want and in real time, your mind will believe that you already have it. Take a chance on something you want, through a door that you’ve never opened. Go for something heartfelt. Make it bigger!

If your house is a mess, maybe it’s because you secretly want to redecorate. So, to motivate you, why not view a luxury penthouse interior? “I can’t afford it, so what’s the point?” you say to yourself. But it might be just the push you need to redesign or de-clutter your home.

If you want that wardrobe filled with Dolce and Gabbana? Get dressed up, take yourself out and try on everything in their store. Fall in love with the feeling of wearing the clothes – imprint the image into your mind. And, if you’re looking for love? Date yourself, take yourself out to that restaurant with a close mate, buy yourself flowers. Light those candles and smile.

In other words, by stepping out with a kick-starting motivator is a good way to inspire a goal you’ve been putting off for years.

There’s nothing more exciting than a glimpse of the future. If you can see it, you can have it!

It all starts by making 2017 a year of celebration for you.

Suzannah Galland
Relationship Expert

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The Subconscious Secret to Realizing Your Goals by Suzannah Galland


What happens in your dream time is manifested in your daytime, and the words you write and the scenarios you set can help you design your achievements.

Signs and symbols in dreams may serve as warnings or as intuitive guidance. They allow you to tap into what’s going on beneath the surface or to pave the way for your next move.

Pay close attention to your dreams and your subconscious mind. Keep a notepad or iPad beside your bed and try to recall anything and everything about a particular idea you had – players, scenarios, colors, sounds and words.

Put your aspirations in writing:
Write out exactly what you are trying to manifest. Pick something small, but you must be passionate about it!!
You can use this as a tool to rejuvenate you, as a means to help you understand how to express an intention or desire. By seeing yourself acting it and observing you as a player, you can start to create your future.

If it’s a new job you want, write or imagine a scenario where you’re working for a company that values you with an excellent salary, a high position, benefits and anything else of crucial importance.

If it’s a relationship, see yourself acting out the role of dating someone who makes you laugh, is generous and excites you. If you want commitment, then write out that information for the character.

If you’re feeling creative, find a name for the person, company or event; or if you prefer, call the players A, B, C or number them or whatever. The goal is to see ourselves in the roles we want or desire with other people indulging to our needs.

Now, read what you just wrote out a few times a day, but especially before you sleep. You may find yourself a week later quietly asking, why isn’t anything happening? Go back and read your story. Is there enough information written out? Do you need to add a couple of characters to support you along the way?

Yes, I know most of us think this is a lot of work, and we are all busy and what-not. But your life is about you. How you think, act, react and manifest are all performed and written by you. Write it out and let your intuitive body and mind draw it to you.

Sometimes, dreams don’t manifest themselves exactly as we might have planned, but they can lead us to another place in another area of our lives, and we can link the dots in a way we never anticipated.

Suzannah Galland
Relationship Expert

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