To me, ageing showcases the experience and wisdom that comes with time on earth.

People who truly fascinate me are the ones that have stories etched in their faces and infused in their eyes. I want to listen to them, ask questions and learn from them… and I’m often left in awe of what they have accomplished in life.

Growing older and growing wiser is a privilege denied to many. I made a decision long ago when I lost someone close to me who was in their youth, to embrace my life, my experiences (the good and not so good) and the honour to grow older.

I don’t take my health for granted. I make conscious choices when it comes to the lifestyle I lead. I choose food that is organically grown (when possible), in its most natural state and that fuels my body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best. I practice yoga and meditation for mindfulness, pilates and dance for flexibility, and light weight training for strength. And I believe in the power of prayer and affirmation to make a positive difference to my life.

As I mature, I also want to look my best and preserve my skin’s tone and texture. I now need a little more TLC then I did 7 years ago when I first launched KORA Organics, so I have created two new products to compliment the range that will feed, nurture and rejuvenate your skin to keep it looking its healthiest and its best. We’ve used ingredients created by nature and supported by science to help restore radiance, brighten the complexion and relax fine lines and wrinkles.

The Age-Defying AHA Exfoliator is a dual-action exfoliating treatment that revitalises the look and feel of the skin. AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxyl Acids and our Megafruit AHA Activated Blend contains a number of organic, naturally occurring AHA plant acids. The AHAs help soften dry dead cells, so I leave the treatment on for 5 minutes while they work their magic. Then the little fossilised diatom beads help scrub and exfoliate away the dead skin cells, leaving my skin fresh, smooth, renewed and glowing. The scrubbing and exfoliating action also helps improve circulation, increasing the rate of skin cell renewal. Key ingredients include: Chamomile, Oat, Green Tea, Olive, Noni and Aloe Vera extracts.

The Age-Defying Phytox™ Oil is a super treatment oil that I apply to my skin morning and night after I cleanse, mist/tone and moisturise. It’s our premium formula for addressing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Phytox™ is a trademarked combination of plant-derived ingredients revered for their anti-ageing properties. Two of the main key actives are Acai fruit oil and Lavandula Stoechas, which is a type of Lavender plant. Acai fruit oil is an antioxidant powerhouse packed with essential fatty acids, phytosterols, minerals and vitamin C, which all assist in the nutrition, hydration and healing of the skin. The Lavandula Stoechas acts like a kind of sellotape for the epidermis, fixing and relaxing the wrinkle to enable rebuilding of the skin and thus decreasing expression lines. This treatment oil has become one of my favourite products as it restores and renews my complexion, making my skin appear softer, smoother, more radiant and younger looking.


Much love,
Miranda xxx

View the NEW Age-Defying Duo HERE


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  1. Christine Kuhn

    I read ‘Love your skin and embrace the beauty of time’ and immediately shared it with my mom, sister and friends. What a powerful message and positive approach to ageing and very very true. I always say Kora Organics is more than a product or a brand, it is a lifestyle.