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Miranda’s 15 Minute Workout

Miranda's 15 Minute Workout

Like most busy working women and mothers, I can find it difficult to fit everything into the day, and more often than not exercise can get relegated to the bottom of the list. When I don’t exercise I don’t feel my best, so for me it’s important to capture a minimum of at least 15 minutes of focused exercise a day.

Generally when exercising I like to mix it up, with everything from resistance training to yoga, hiking to going for a bike ride with my son. But when I’m short on time, working long hours or travelling, I’ve developed a 15-minute workout routine that targets all areas, needs no equipment and can be easily done at home or in a hotel room. Not only does it give you a great workout, but it also increases your energy levels and improves concentration!

I start with a spritz of KORA Organics Energising Citrus Mist, and take three deep breaths setting my intention, followed by a 1-minute stretch (legs, arms and neck).

Recovery – remember to rest for 10 seconds in between exercise.

  • 1 minute of push ups
  • 1 minute plank (or 2 x 30 second holds for beginners)
  • 1 minute of squats
  • 1 minute of jumping jacks (cardio burst)
  • 1 minute of left leg raises
  • 1 minute of bicycle crunches
  • 1 minute of right leg raises
  • 1 minute bridge (hold 30 seconds, pulse 30 seconds)
  • 1 minute of jumping jacks (cardio burst)
  • 1 minute of alternating lunges
  • 1 minute wall sit
  • 1 minute of mountain climbers
  • 1 minute of jumping jacks (cardio burst)

Stretch it out and remember to rehydrate. You’ll find even though this is a quick routine, it will work out your arms, abs, legs and butt and will also strengthen your core.

Miranda xxx

P.S. This can be quite an intense workout, so remember to consult your healthcare professional before trying any new exercise regimes.

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The Magic of Laughter

The Magic of Laughter

Humor is infectious. The sound of laughter is far more contagious than any cough or sneeze. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness. Laughter also triggers healthy changes in the bodymndash;it can strengthen your immune system, boost your energy levels and protect you from the damaging effects of stress. Best of all, it’s free!

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When I’m asked what area in my life is a continual focus it often circles back to balance.

Balance is the equilibrium between the body, mind and spirit, family, relationships, work and play… maintaining balance in all areas of your life is essential for your wellbeing, happiness and productivity.

It’s easy for anyone to get caught up in the demands and chaos of everyday life, but there are simple steps you can take (and you can control), to regain greater balance so you’re functioning at your optimum and at the same time living in a more synchronised and harmonious manner. You’re also then more able to focus your attention and energy on attaining your goals, and moving forward in a meaningful way.

These are some of the adjustments you can make to bring balance back to your life.

Say no

I often felt compelled to take on all that was thrown at me even when my schedule was crazy and out of control, but now I’ve realised it’s just not possible to do everything and maintain a healthy balance, so unless it’s essential or adds value, I pass on it. People end up respecting you more for setting boundaries and being true to yourself, so don’t feel compelled to always say yes. It may even leave a door open for a more fulfilling opportunity!


Turn your TV and computer off, put down your phone and be present when you finish work for the day. Give yourself and your mind a rest and spend quality time connecting with family and friends. It’s amazing how free you can feel when you release yourself from technology.


As the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. Allow yourself moments to indulge in your inner child… I love nothing more than a belly laugh with my family and friends, it’s incredibly reenergising.

Health is wealth

If you can’t find an hour, set aside 15 minutes for some form of exercise each day – even if it’s just a brisk walk in the fresh air. Your body will release endorphins that naturally help manage stress and clear your mind.


Your body needs to rest and recover. Sleep is a time when your body repairs itself on a cellular level. Each evening I spray my pillow with Calming Lavender Mist, put on an eye mask and listen to an evening meditation… this little ritual helps me unwind and drift into a deep beneficial sleep.


The benefits of meditation and deep belly breathing are endless, even 5 – 10 minutes is enough to recentre and refocus, and it can transform a challenging day into a rewarding one. I try to meditate at different intervals throughout the day, and I also start my day with the practice of positive affirmation and prayer.

Reward yourself

Treat yourself often. It may be as simple as a glass of wine after a long day, a cup of your favourite tea, buying yourself a bunch of flowers, lighting a scented candle and taking a bath, applying a facemask, or a pedicure or massage on your day off. It’s important to reward yourself and acknowledge your achievements.

Remove toxins, clutter and negativity

This goes for everything from people to products. Remove toxic influences… try to avoid negative people (if you can) and surround yourself with those who have positive, upbeat attitudes. Choose organic when and where possible including household products, skincare and food. Minimise the clutter around you, I often find if my environment is organised, my mind is naturally more organised.

Plan and prioritise

Try to plan and prepare for your day as much as possible, this will allow you to ensure you aren’t over committing yourself and you can prioritize anything that is essential or important. I like to look at my weekly schedule on the Friday morning before so I can make any necessary changes, this allows me to more fully enjoy the weekend, as I know my week ahead is achievable.

I’d love to hear what you do to maintain balance.

Much love,
Miranda xxx

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Be Productive

Be Productive

Introducing a few activities into your working week will assist with managing stress and may also help you be more productive.

Here are a few ideas…

Start the day nutritiously – this helps keeps your energy levels up and assists concentration. See Nourish Your Body From The Inside for Miranda’s vitamin packed super smoothie.

Walking and fresh air – try to fit in a 20 minute brisk walk, or walk to work if you can… good for you and the environment.

Take a break – download a meditation practice on your iPhone or smartphone, there’s so many wonderful apps that are free and cater for short work breaks and stress relief.

Get a good nights sleep – so important as it’s when your body is best equipped to repair and restore.

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