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Relax and Heal with Sandalwood by Holly Star


Sandalwood is a very healing medicine that has a warming, woodsy scent and also has a grounding effect (feeling centered and balanced) on the body.

Typically sandalwood oil was being harvested from trees in India, they are now mostly harvested responsibly in Western Australia.

Sandalwood is great for relaxing, use the incense or the oil for deep meditation or meditative states, as it is a calmative to the mind. It can also act as an anti depressant, and ease the mind from wandering states.

I love to burn red sandalwood for grounding, releasing fear, and creating a more prosperous state. Sandalwood stimulates the base Chakra, improving self identity and trust. This is great if you are having survival issues, fight or flight response, similarly any nervous system complexities, or adrenal issues.

So light some incense or you can apply the oil, breath deep, let go of the muscles holding on, and ask for the tree to open your root, for it to ground your body and help you trust the direction in your life.

by Holly Star | @hollystarhealing

KORA Organics products that contain Sandalwood Oil:
Age-Defying Phytox™ Oil
Heart Chakra Essence
Hydrating Day and Night Cream
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Cream Cleanser
Foaming Cleanser
Exfoliating Cream
Enriched Body Lotion
Essential Body Wash
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Train Like a Ballerina – Part 2


All Images courtesy of Ballet Beautiful

Hello Kora Beauties!

It’s time for Part 2 of your Ballet Beautiful workout! Remember you don’t need ballet experience to do this workout, Ballet Beautiful is a workout inspired by ballet and programmed to maximize results and time. Time to get ready for that killer Ballet Beautiful Burn!

Classic Hamstring Stretch
It is always important to begin a Ballet Beautiful workout with a simple stretch to open and release the muscles. For this stretch you will be seated on the mat, with your legs in front of you. Bend your left knee and extend your right leg out long on the floor in front of you. Reach towards your right foot, keeping your leg straight and hold for 10 to 20 seconds as the muscles begin to open. Repeat on other side.

Mary Helen Bowers Train Like a Ballerina - Part 2a

Fondu Side in Parallel – targets the outside of the legs, the butt and outside of the thighs
Lie on your mat on your right side, with your legs stretched out along the mat. Your left leg will be on top. Point your foot and lift your left leg, then lower your left leg while keeping your hips in parallel. Stay stretched long through your lifted leg, engage with your core, and keep your hips turned in. And don’t forget to keep breathing – this is difficult. You will start to feel a burning sensation in your outer hip and butt. Repeat on the other side. 4 sets of 8 reps

Mary Helen Bowers Train Like a Ballerina - Part 2b

Classic Swan Arms – targets the arms, shoulders and back
Stand with your neck and shoulders as relaxed as possible, your feet in parallel, and your knees slightly bent. Pull in through your stomach and open your chest. Stretch your arms out to the side, into second position. Bend your elbows down and lower your arms, without collapsing your chest. Then lift your elbows and raise your arms. Continue to lower and lift your arms slowly, imagine that you are moving through water. 3 sets of 8 reps

Mary Helen Bowers Train Like a Ballerina - Part 2c reversed named

Arabesque Lift with Swan Arms
Begin by standing with your right leg in front of your left. Slightly bend the right knee, keeping your knee over your toes, extending your left leg long behind you (ballet lunge). Now straighten your right knee, standing straight and lift your left leg off the floor. As you lift your leg off the floor engage your stomach and lift your arms up above your head in a V position. Lower your left leg down to the floor and bend your right knee to return to a ballet lunge, lowering your arms down by your side at the same time. Repeat this sequence. 3 set of 3 reps.

Don’t forget to head over to our website and use the code BBKORABEAUTY to save 50% off the first month of our amazing online Custom Workout subscription.

Have a beautiful workout!
xoxo – Mary Helen | @balletbeautiful

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Train Like a Ballerina – Part 1


All Images courtesy of Ballet Beautiful

Hello Kora Beauties!

I am delighted to share a favorite Ballet Beautiful workout with all of you. Miranda and I have done each of these exercises many times together over the years, and I know you all will absolutely love the results!

No ballet experience? Not to worry! Ballet Beautiful is a workout inspired by ballet. The program is designed for the busy, modern woman looking to maximize her results and time. The best part is that you can do this workout on-the-go. It’s portable and effective, get ready for that killer Ballet Beautiful Burn!

Hip Opener Stretch
Every Ballet Beautiful workout begins with a simple stretch to open and release the muscles in your back, hips and legs. This hip opener works miracles, but be patient and gentle as your body loosens! Begin seated on the mat, bend your front knee in toward your hip and stretch your back knee out long behind you. Sit up high and open through the chest, pulling your stomach in. Gently bend toward the bent knee for a stretch through the spine. Hold this stretch for 10 to 20 seconds as the muscles begin to open. Don’t worry about whether or not your hip reaches the floor or how low it is – your hips will loosen and open over time. Repeat on the other side.

Mary Helen Bowers Train Like a Ballerina - Part 1a

Classic Ballet Beautiful Bridge – targets the hamstrings, butt, hips and core
Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor (or bring on to demi-pointe for a more advanced version). Press your shoulders and upper back into the floor and pull in tight through your stomach. Keep your feet together and knees closed to engage your inner thighs. Lift your hips high towards the ceiling, while keeping your stomach tight to take stress out of your lower back, and engage your butt. Keep the core engaged, when hips rise – engage your glutes, and when you lower release, continuously moving. Sink your hips down as far as you can without letting them touch the mat, then elevate back up. That’s one move. Repeat the lower and lift. 4 sets of 8 reps

Mary Helen Bowers Train Like a Ballerina - Part 1b

Ballet Twist – targets the abs, obliques, waist and core
From a seated position on the floor, extend your legs out long (or keep knees bent to release your hips). Pull your stomach towards your spine and lower your upper body behind you. Lift your arms to a ballet first position and twist your upper body scooping your lower abs in. Keep pulling your abs in as you rotate slowly from right to left. 4 sets of 10 reps

Mary Helen Bowers Train Like a Ballerina - Part 1c

Want more Ballet Beautiful? We will have Part 2 to this series coming your way shortly but in the meantime you can head over to our website and use the code BBKORABEAUTY to save 50% off the first month of our amazing online Custom Workout subscription.

Have a beautiful workout!
xoxo – Mary Helen | @balletbeautiful

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Learn How To Love Yourself


Loving yourself is very important. When you love yourself, you want to feel and look your best. After all, love = happiness = joy = laughter.

So, how can a person learn to love themselves?

By taking positive actions and inactions. Everyday, do at least three things that are good for you, and which make you feel good. This is a must. Loving yourself takes discipline and devotion. Look ahead and envision a lifetime of happiness. This will be your outcome if you stay focused on doing the things which will help you love yourself.

There are five ways in which you can love yourself; emotionally, physically, spiritually, nutritionally, and joyfully. Always give yourself positive affirmation and think loving thoughts. Stay physically disciplined by maintaining a good, routine exercise program and taking care of your skin with natural and organic products – KORA is my favourite . Add some nutrition to your life by drinking alkaline water, breathing good oxygen, and eating natural foods. Stay spiritually connected to God, nature, the planet and your passion—something which feels right in your heart. And lastly, keep a good sense of humor and let yourself laugh. Laughter is truly one of the best medicines available. It is a gift from God.

For more interesting questions and topics such as this one, you can sign up for Dr. Eustache’s monthly newsletter at You can also follow Dr. Eustache on twitter @DrElena_Eustach

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What is Your Inner Feng Shui?


Inner Feng Shui is like having it all. It is the balance of all things. It is about staying healthy, being happy, supporting your friends and family, giving it all in your work, having a solid reputation and going with the flow.

Inner Feng Shui is listening to your inner self at times of worry and frustration. Hearing what is out of balance and trying to re-gain your equilibrium.

Inner Feng Shui is trying not to over emphasise any one element in your life, but coming to the understanding that different life arenas need focus and energy at various times. It is okay to work on one area now. Then change gears and direct your energies into another life arena.

When you reach your optimum Inner Feng Shui you are happy, healthy and loving most of the time. Nothing really gets to you, you are living in the natural flow of life.

Anita Rosenberg | @anitarosenbergstudio

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Becoming Irresistible Starts with a Smile

KORA Suzannah Galland - Becoming Irresistible Starts With A Smile (1)

Recent studies suggest that the secret to becoming irresistible starts with a smile.

And, like most of us, if you find yourself in a humourless place, and maybe feeling alone, the last thing you’ll feel like doing some days is smiling.

You maybe asking: How can I turn this around?

Honest laughter is what you need

I suggest you make comedy your ally, there’s nothing more powerful.

Take a YouTube moment and look up your favourite comedians.

Start watching those funny moments a few minutes a day and in no time you’ll find yourself shifting from misery to joy. You’ll start to see humour in people and situations you thought were drab. Your mates and loved ones will vibe your mood and start taking themselves less seriously too.

Laughter is a natural gift for your mind and body and if you’re fortunate enough to belly laugh your way through the morning, it’s a great work out for the stomach.

It’s the perfect way to set the mood before a meeting and don’t you want to feel more fabulous before a date?

You can’t go wrong, after all, a huge smile will make people irresistibly drawn to you.
And how can you resist that!

Suzannah Galland

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Chamomile in Spirit by Holly Star

KORA Holly Star - Chamomile in Spirit

The flowers of Chamomile are a beauty, and delicate to the eye. Chamomile mostly known as a relaxing herb and a great cup of tea for calming the body and mind. The plant comes from the Sunflower family which in flower essences holds the key to light and expression of self. Chamomile has an uplifting effect and helps with the heart. It can guide your heart away from sorrow as well as anxiety. This is a great balancer between masculine and feminine energies.

Also filled with many nutrients that can help with the nervous system such as Vitamin A, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.

Holding the flower in your hands, even if in a cup of tea and ask the spirit of the plant to bring the heart into balance and to create a more positive outlook on your life.

by Holly Star | @hollystarhealing

KORA Organics products that contain Chamomile:
Recovery Eye Gel Cream
Exfoliating Cream
Cream Cleanser
Soothing Day and Night Cream
Hydrating Day and Night Cream
Purifying Day and Night Cream
Tinted Day Cream
Daily Hand Cream
Age-Defying AHA Facial Exfoliator

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Tips for 2016 from Miranda’s Feng Shui Expert

Anita Rosenberg - Feng Shui

What I have discovered through my life’s travels is that having it all begins at home. When we’re at home, we should feel comfortable, happy, pampered, surrounded by beauty and all the things we love and the people we cherish.

I believe that living in a place that reflects our highest ideals, our sense of peace, our present abundance and our hopes for the future is one of the most powerful and effective ways to create a lasting personal nirvana. It should greet us when we walk in the front door and go along with us when we head back out into the world.

More than just a place to crash after a long day in the trenches, our homes are a reflection of who we are and speak directly to the quality of our lives. When our homes reflect less than our personal best, it’s a pretty good indication that we are leading less than excellent lives.

Feng Shui (say it right: fung shway) is a 3,000 year old Chinese Art. It is not a fad or religion; it’s an environmental science concerned with the Qi or life-force energy in the environment. Originally used by kings and emperors to build palaces and temples, it is now used by everyone because it works.

Miranda is one of my favourite clients because she rolls up her sleeves and does the Feng Shui work to shift her energy to create more success, happiness, good health, joy and love in her life. She wanted me to share with you top tips to help you get started for a fabulous New Year.

1. Make sure your foyer or main entry is clean and clutter free because this is where you invite good Qi into your home. It is called a Ming Tang or Bright Hall and the Qi needs to enter, collect and circulate. This is where your home invites new opportunities.

2. Most auspicious sectors of your home for wealth in 2016 are the Southeast, Southwest and East. Take a compass measurement of where those areas are located and spend more time in these rooms. If there are windows or doors in these sectors, open them more often. Qi is activated by using a space.

3. 2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey, which means that fire will be the dominant force of the year. Metaphysics and self-improvement will be good to focus on for major personal break-throughs. It will not be a relaxing year and you may have to work harder, but the rewards can be huge. A personal BaZi Chinese Astrology reading is always suggested at the beginning of a new year to gain personal guidance on how you can maximize the year. Miranda never misses an opportunity to consult her BaZi!

Are you ready to Feng Shui in the New Year?

Anita Rosenberg | @anitarosenbergstudio

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Mates For The Soul by Suzannah Galland

Suzannah Galland - Mates for the Soul (1)

We’ve all heard about soul mates—the ultimate, mind-blowing, undeniably meant-to-be relationship, the one and only partnership we were destined for. If you’ve found your soul mate, consider yourself blessed. If the effort you’ve been putting into finding the “perfect” mate, the one who will nourish your soul on the deepest level, is exhausting and futile, why not give the term soul mate a rest then and instead seek what the world is so abundantly ready to offer us: mates for the soul?  They are all around us. We don’t have to go looking for them.

When we look for the soul in a mate we must first explore what the word means to us. This can be perplexing. We can’t see the soul. We can’t separate it from our essential being. How do we define it?

I believe the soul is defined in action, just as love is. We make our soul felt by trusting that it’s there – not just within ourselves but in the person we are seeking to love. Each of us has this enormous part in each of our beings that is sometimes unknown to us, and we assume it’s invisible to others.

We experience an enormous expansion when we recognise the soul in someone else. We know it ‘s a moment of recognition, because our hearts are open. We are suddenly sensing more and speaking less. These moments are always silent. If we can look at this other person and grasp that there is an extraordinarily deep place in each of us, then we can trust, give reverence, and touch that deepest part of them and ourselves. This gives us a glimpse of the truest meaning of love. Likewise, if we can trust the unknown in ourselves, then in that conscious, momentary embrace, we move farther away from the pain of being hurt.

We so often get in our own way when we focus on finding a single soul mate, rather than on the many mates for the soul that are out there. There are 7 billion souls on this planet. Certainly we would benefit by connecting on a soul level with at least a handful of them.
We thoroughly nourish our soul when we are grateful for the infinite possibilities before us. So here I offer you a partial list of mates for the soul. This is by no means the only list, but a great deal of conversation, reflection, and life experience went into the compilation of these types below. Think them over, and let the people you love know how special they are. Have fun!

The LOVE Mate
This is that one in a million soul whom we love to mythologize as our soul mate, our one-and-only. We are not here to be gratified by a single great love, as urgently as we might desire one. We are here to reveal our souls to one another as freely and deeply and as often as we truthfully can. Even more important, we are here to serve and receive the efforts of others to reveal their souls to us. The truth is that there are many in this world with which we can make a deep and true love mate connection.

The WORK Mate
We all have to get along in the workplace, but who is that rare soul who becomes our deep ally? These too are mates for our soul because, apart from love, it is work that most fulfils us in life. We are what we do, in the mirrors of our souls. To reach our goals at optimal strength, we need to have mates, companions who share not only our aims but the spiritual needs that drive us to succeed.

This is a mentor. This person is generally a leader or teacher – though in rare and beautiful cases it is the exceptional student who inspires the teacher, owing to a soul connection. It might be a preacher, a counsellor, a great poet or novelist, painter or dancer or choreographer who inspires us.

The BODY Mate
Also known as “Friendship with Benefits.” This is a sex partner with whom the attraction is or seems entirely physical, and your affair light-heartedly free of long-term expectation. Sex is an opening of the primal life force. Everything that is most private and essential in a person’s being is revealed in the act and in the afterglow. The reason we cherish these so-called purely physical relations is linked with a familiar adage of physical healing: The body never lies. In the act of physical love, we are restored to a bedrock truth that feeds our souls. We are learning about love from lust paradoxically and risk enormous confusion. This is a pleasurable risk, but we are wise to remember that we are courting the soul even when we think we’re just coupling our bodies.

This is the animal in your life! We inevitably feel a soul connection to these creatures, some more than others, but when we bond, we make memories and attain heights of feeling that can nourish us for a lifetime.

This is the childhood pal, the college roommate who should have been a childhood pal, or the chance friend with whom we bond at an improbable depth later in life but to whom we hang on lovingly through thick and thin.

This is our enemy, we think. We simply cannot abide this person, right from the first instant of meeting them. This is especially true if in every outer way we are supposed to be allied with them. The people who’ve introduced us were dead certain we would get on. Yet we shun them, oppose them at the top of our voices, work to undermine them, and suffer their efforts to undermine us.

Can this possibly be a mate for the soul?

Yes. As the Chinese sages teach us, this person is our “dragon,” our spiritual challenge, our deepest teacher if we can be large enough to rise to the opportunity. The main thing is to recognise that this is a soul connection.
Perhaps we’re looking at it backward. Perhaps, the one who got away was our soul mate, even though it didn’t work out. We were right for them, they were right for us but one of us just wasn’t ready. Perhaps neither of us was: Life is timing after all; we’re all free to make choices, but none of us is ultimately in control of these things.

You never know. On a rare occasion, your shadow mate so completely accompanies your journey in life, that if you can both hang in there, you each receive a catharsis and heal a core wound. It’s possible, then, that this person will turn into your Love Mate. And so our list comes full circle!

Suzannah Galland

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What is a Spoonk Mat?!

What is a Spoonk Mat?!

“The little spikes stimulate circulation and help me feel reenergized throughout the day…It’s such an easy way for me to release muscle tension and reduce stress, making me feel better both mentally and physically. It feels like a mini meditation!” – Miranda Kerr

Miranda recently shared one of her little relaxation secrets with us – Spoonk Acupressure mats! They look deceiving but work wonders – from easing stress and muscle tension to improving the quality of sleep. We love them so much at KORA Organics that we wanted to share more information about them with you.

Spoonk Acupressure mats are a great, natural alternative to help ease tension – especially where most people hold stress the most, in their back, neck and shoulders.

The mat has 6200 points (spikes) that stimulate the body’s acupressure points, which helps ease stress by releasing endorphins into the body. The mat also increases circulation – when circulation is slow, our energy gets blocked and affects the way we feel and think, the mat helps to break up blocked energy and allows your muscles to return to their natural relaxed state.

How to use your Spoonk Mat

They are incredibly versatile and can be used day or night, at home, in the office or in the air!

  • Wake up in the morning and stand on it (with or without socks on) to give yourself a caffeine free boost to the day
  • Take it to work and use it during the day for a short period of time (10-20 minutes) to help you feel energized, alert and focused
  • Lie on it while reading, meditating or catching up on TV, it will help in letting go of the daily stress
  • Rest your back and shoulder area on it for about 25-35 minutes before bedtime to improve quality of sleep
  • Perfect for long haul flights for a little energy boost and to increase circulation

Combining organic materials and techniques with a feel-good product that boosts energy, relieves stress, and ultimately optimises your lifestyle, you have to try it yourself!


Buy the Organic Hemp Combo and use discount code ‘MIRANDAK’ upon checkout for 10% off! Click Here

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