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Our Belief Systems by Laura Forbes


Wouldn’t it be great if it just took us to focus on what we want for it to come true? The problem is that our lives are not shaped by what we want; they are shaped by what we believe. When a belief coincides with the thing we want, it appears to come to easily to us, however when a belief contradicts what we want the belief will win every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Beliefs can be accrued over time – often passed down from our parents – or they can be formulated in a heartbeat. If you want to see people’s belief systems, look at their lives; we have beliefs around everything from money to self-esteem to love to parenting.

Let’s talk about the difference between a belief and a preference: A preference is when we would prefer something happened a certain way, a belief is a position; it is immovable if you like.

For example, let’s say you are on a first date and you believe that a man should hold the door open for a woman. If the man in question doesn’t hold the door open that is likely to push up against what you believe about men and your date could be over before it begins. On the other hand, if you have a preference for a man to hold the door open for a woman – but it doesn’t really matter if they don’t – the date is still on.

This is a very simple example, and one that doesn’t hold much charge, but look at the beliefs in your life that do hold charge. If you could change the beliefs that are deal breakers to preferences how would that change your life?

What parts of your life are painful because you hold the belief that something or someone should be other than they are?

“All of your pain lies squarely between where our life is and where we think it should be” – Byron Katie.

Preferences give rise to opportunities to grow, limiting beliefs around ourselves and others close them down.

A preference is saying, “I would like it if …”
A belief says, “It should be …”

Strong beliefs say “it has to be this way”, which in some instances can of course be helpful, but in the main strong beliefs limit our possibilities rather than expand them.

Let’s look at one of the biggest misconceptions in terms of beliefs: Seeing is believing, right?

Well here’s the thing: If you believe it you will most certainly see it somewhere in your life. Our lives are a representation of our beliefs in 3D; it’s how our beliefs realise themselves physically. This applies both in the positive and the negative.

However here’s where you need to be careful and pay attention. Many people would argue, “I believed I would marry this man or get that job,” or whatever it was they wanted – but was it actually a belief or just a desire?

In other words was a desire sabotaged deep down by a conflicting belief?

How many of us almost get there – wherever “there” is – only to find that it doesn’t quite work out for some reason.

This is not life being unkind; it simply means that there was a contradictory belief somewhere that blocked the realisation of a desire.

Once you begin to really understand that what you see in your life is a manifestation of what you believe, you can begin to work with your beliefs to your advantage rather than having them silently controlling the landscape of your experience.

Laura Forbes

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Train Like a Ballerina – Part 2


All Images courtesy of Ballet Beautiful

Hello Kora Beauties!

It’s time for Part 2 of your Ballet Beautiful workout! Remember you don’t need ballet experience to do this workout, Ballet Beautiful is a workout inspired by ballet and programmed to maximize results and time. Time to get ready for that killer Ballet Beautiful Burn!

Classic Hamstring Stretch
It is always important to begin a Ballet Beautiful workout with a simple stretch to open and release the muscles. For this stretch you will be seated on the mat, with your legs in front of you. Bend your left knee and extend your right leg out long on the floor in front of you. Reach towards your right foot, keeping your leg straight and hold for 10 to 20 seconds as the muscles begin to open. Repeat on other side.

Mary Helen Bowers Train Like a Ballerina - Part 2a

Fondu Side in Parallel – targets the outside of the legs, the butt and outside of the thighs
Lie on your mat on your right side, with your legs stretched out along the mat. Your left leg will be on top. Point your foot and lift your left leg, then lower your left leg while keeping your hips in parallel. Stay stretched long through your lifted leg, engage with your core, and keep your hips turned in. And don’t forget to keep breathing – this is difficult. You will start to feel a burning sensation in your outer hip and butt. Repeat on the other side. 4 sets of 8 reps

Mary Helen Bowers Train Like a Ballerina - Part 2b

Classic Swan Arms – targets the arms, shoulders and back
Stand with your neck and shoulders as relaxed as possible, your feet in parallel, and your knees slightly bent. Pull in through your stomach and open your chest. Stretch your arms out to the side, into second position. Bend your elbows down and lower your arms, without collapsing your chest. Then lift your elbows and raise your arms. Continue to lower and lift your arms slowly, imagine that you are moving through water. 3 sets of 8 reps

Mary Helen Bowers Train Like a Ballerina - Part 2c reversed named

Arabesque Lift with Swan Arms
Begin by standing with your right leg in front of your left. Slightly bend the right knee, keeping your knee over your toes, extending your left leg long behind you (ballet lunge). Now straighten your right knee, standing straight and lift your left leg off the floor. As you lift your leg off the floor engage your stomach and lift your arms up above your head in a V position. Lower your left leg down to the floor and bend your right knee to return to a ballet lunge, lowering your arms down by your side at the same time. Repeat this sequence. 3 set of 3 reps.

Don’t forget to head over to our website and use the code BBKORABEAUTY to save 50% off the first month of our amazing online Custom Workout subscription.

Have a beautiful workout!
xoxo – Mary Helen | @balletbeautiful

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Train Like a Ballerina – Part 1


All Images courtesy of Ballet Beautiful

Hello Kora Beauties!

I am delighted to share a favorite Ballet Beautiful workout with all of you. Miranda and I have done each of these exercises many times together over the years, and I know you all will absolutely love the results!

No ballet experience? Not to worry! Ballet Beautiful is a workout inspired by ballet. The program is designed for the busy, modern woman looking to maximize her results and time. The best part is that you can do this workout on-the-go. It’s portable and effective, get ready for that killer Ballet Beautiful Burn!

Hip Opener Stretch
Every Ballet Beautiful workout begins with a simple stretch to open and release the muscles in your back, hips and legs. This hip opener works miracles, but be patient and gentle as your body loosens! Begin seated on the mat, bend your front knee in toward your hip and stretch your back knee out long behind you. Sit up high and open through the chest, pulling your stomach in. Gently bend toward the bent knee for a stretch through the spine. Hold this stretch for 10 to 20 seconds as the muscles begin to open. Don’t worry about whether or not your hip reaches the floor or how low it is – your hips will loosen and open over time. Repeat on the other side.

Mary Helen Bowers Train Like a Ballerina - Part 1a

Classic Ballet Beautiful Bridge – targets the hamstrings, butt, hips and core
Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor (or bring on to demi-pointe for a more advanced version). Press your shoulders and upper back into the floor and pull in tight through your stomach. Keep your feet together and knees closed to engage your inner thighs. Lift your hips high towards the ceiling, while keeping your stomach tight to take stress out of your lower back, and engage your butt. Keep the core engaged, when hips rise – engage your glutes, and when you lower release, continuously moving. Sink your hips down as far as you can without letting them touch the mat, then elevate back up. That’s one move. Repeat the lower and lift. 4 sets of 8 reps

Mary Helen Bowers Train Like a Ballerina - Part 1b

Ballet Twist – targets the abs, obliques, waist and core
From a seated position on the floor, extend your legs out long (or keep knees bent to release your hips). Pull your stomach towards your spine and lower your upper body behind you. Lift your arms to a ballet first position and twist your upper body scooping your lower abs in. Keep pulling your abs in as you rotate slowly from right to left. 4 sets of 10 reps

Mary Helen Bowers Train Like a Ballerina - Part 1c

Want more Ballet Beautiful? We will have Part 2 to this series coming your way shortly but in the meantime you can head over to our website and use the code BBKORABEAUTY to save 50% off the first month of our amazing online Custom Workout subscription.

Have a beautiful workout!
xoxo – Mary Helen | @balletbeautiful

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What is Your Inner Feng Shui?


Inner Feng Shui is like having it all. It is the balance of all things. It is about staying healthy, being happy, supporting your friends and family, giving it all in your work, having a solid reputation and going with the flow.

Inner Feng Shui is listening to your inner self at times of worry and frustration. Hearing what is out of balance and trying to re-gain your equilibrium.

Inner Feng Shui is trying not to over emphasise any one element in your life, but coming to the understanding that different life arenas need focus and energy at various times. It is okay to work on one area now. Then change gears and direct your energies into another life arena.

When you reach your optimum Inner Feng Shui you are happy, healthy and loving most of the time. Nothing really gets to you, you are living in the natural flow of life.

Anita Rosenberg | @anitarosenbergstudio

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Outfits for those Weekend Adventures


Here are a few great staples to cover you for your weekend get away!

Images reference right to left.

1. The Airport Outfit (also good for road trips).

Planes are generally cold, so no matter where I’m going I like to be warm and comfortable. These leggings by J Crew are one of my favorites. I love packing a large bag for the plane that fits my computer and wearing comfortable walking shoes (or cute wedge sneakers). Lastly this Iro sweater is my new favorite thing. It looks like it’s off the streets of Paris, while being a bit hippie in a jet set way. And once you arrive this is perfect for lounging or hiking!

2. Swimming

Eres and Zimmermann are two of my favorites when it comes to swimwear. I just love their cuts! One pieces have a casual elegance and sophistication and remind me of old hollywood glamour. I find one pieces to be very flattering too. These are the perfect solution for everyone heading to warmer climates or getting in a hot tub at the snow!

Soludos make some super cute sandals and these are my favorite at the moment…for beachwear or anywhere! I love how comfortable espadrilles are and how the silver glamorizes this shoe

3. Events

Whether it’s a garden party, lunch or dinner, I love this look. It can be dressed up with a blazer. And warmed up with a cute coat and black stockings. It’s sexy, fresh and young looking. I love it with socks and loafers or with a simple heel.

4. Sight Seeing

One of my favorite things to do is watch people’s style on the streets wherever I am…it’s so wonderful to see people feeling confident, sexy and happy. Outfits are a strange alchemy…they don’t have to be the most up to date trends or the most expensive clothes. People can look fabulous in almost anything if they know how to put it together. People watching, magazines and movies are all wonderful ways to inspire your own dressing-even if it just means going into your closet and making some new outfits!


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Taming the Clutter Monster


There is nowhere to hide in Feng Shui. Not your closets, drawers, garage or under the bed. A cluttered home or office is a cluttered mind. The spiritual law of disorder tells the universe that you don’t trust it to bring in new things, so you hold onto the old. Say, your closet is stuffed. Where are you going to put the new outfit you just bought? In Feng Shui, you literally have to make room for new jobs, new friends and new relationships.

“If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your house.” – Chinese saying

We all have clutter!

  • Clutter is stuck Qi energy
  • It weighs us down
  • Blocks our progress
  • Adds confusion
  • Creates inability to move forward
  • Does not allow universe to bring new things
  • Reasons to clear your clutter:

    • Having clutter makes you feel tired
    • It can keep you in the past
    • Clutter can affect your body weight
    • It makes you procrastinate
    • Having clutter can make you feel ashamed
    • Clutter can put your life on hold
    • It can depress you

      • Paper piles of confusion affect your ability to make good decisions
      • Holding onto old books and files does not allow new ideas and new ways of thinking
      • Musty old books are like musty old energy
      • Give them away to a library or charity – this is good Feng Shui!

        • Drawers and albums stuffed with photographs are not honouring these important people and memorable events
        • Make sure the images fit perfectly inside the frames
        • Organise photographs into albums with dates
        • Tips for Gurus-on-the-Go
          Get creative with your bookshelf. Stack books on their side to create more open space to display cherished collectibles; the more artistically visual, the better.



          • Limit collectibles
          • Keep in one area
          • Pack some away and rotate them
          • Make space for new things
          • Rule is to keep 50% of all spaces clear of clutter
          • CLUTTER ZONES:

            • Junk drawers
            • Garages, attics and basements
            • Closets and under beds
            • Purses and brief cases
            • Cars and vehicles
            • Reasons we hold on to things:

              • I might need it someday!
              • It’s valuable!
              • So and so gave it to me!
              • Take the Clutter Test:

                • Does it fit who I am now?
                • Does it lift my energy when I look at it?
                • Do I love it?
                • Is it useful?
                • Is it broken?
                • 3 Box Method:

                  • Box 1: SAVE
                  • Box 2: NOT SURE
                  • Box 3: GIVEAWAY, YARD SALE or EBAY
                  • (be sure to mark all boxes clearly before storing)

                    Clear your mind and your body:

                    • Eat healthy foods.
                    • Toxic friends need to go.
                    • No negative thoughts.
                    • Stop worrying or judging.
                    • Stop moaning and complaining.
                    • Home is where your stuff is. Less is more in Feng Shui, so keep your clutter and chaos in check. Live with what you love.

                      Anita Rosenberg

             | @anitarosenbergstudio

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Basic key pieces every woman should have in her closet!

Bartoli Style - Basic Key Pieces

These basic key pieces will never go out of style. Invest in timeless pieces so you will never be at loss for what to wear for any occasion!

It doesn’t get any more basic than a great white tee. We prefer the feel and look of a Vintage Tee they just feel more “lived in” and softer.

We use Vintage Jeans and shorts everyday!
They are so easy to dress up and down and a timeless, classic staple!

A black leather motorcycle jacket is a wardrobe essential!
We love to throw it over the shoulders to make a look more edgy and rock n roll.

We strongly believe that every woman should own a black pant suit.
These 2 pieces, a blazer and trouser are effortless and chic. they can be worn together for a more dressy look or worn as separates. For example we love a white tee with blazer and leather pants for a more relaxed look!

We live in our Saint Laurent suede boots! they are the perfect boot for everyday! Especially when we are running around all day and have long days on set!

by Bartoli Style | @bartolistyle

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